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10 Types of Rappelling Gear [Ultimate Beginner Guide]

The most challenging part of mounting a cliff face isn’t necessarily the ascent, despite popular assumptions. After all, you can regulate that process using a variety of procedures and equipment to ensure maximum safety. When it’s time to drop, though, anxiety often rushes through your veins. A single rappelling system is commonly used to descend. If […]

Abseil vs Rappel

Table of Content Abseil vs. rappel You might have come across the words ‘abseil’ or ‘rappel’ – both describing mountaineering or rock climbing. People often wonder if these words are interchangeable or have distinct characteristics that differentiate them. Generally, rappelling and abseiling are both terms used for lowering yourself using a rope or cable as […]

Waterfall Rappelling (Canyoning): A Complete Guide

Table of Content 1. Best waterfall rappelling 2. Is waterfall rappelling safe 3. Is waterfall rappelling hard? 4. What gear is needed for rappelling? 5. What do you wear to a waterfall rappelling? 6. How is it different from normal rappelling? 7. Conclusion Waterfall Rappelling (Canyoning): A Complete Guide Most of you must already know […]

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